On every Sunday I can be caught riding a motorbike.

Is one of those pleasures I am reluctant to dismiss.

These days I do ride in the canyons a Ducati Monster 695.

The bike is already a classic, and I must confess that I loved that model, even before I managed to get one.

When I ride it, I always think: why future has brought so many complications?
I love the simplicity of the Ducati 695. The 73 horse power is more than enough to put a big smile in your face, the weight is right, the height is low so the control over the bike is great. Why more?

When I do see one of those big monster that now the multi-trail bikes have become ( BMW GS 1200, I am finger pointing you), I cannot understand why people is mad for driving them.

Obviously I should be missing something, but If I drive a bike is because the purity and the simplicity that it transmits to me. Otherwise, if I want comfort, I drive my car.

I could becoming an old geezer, but that is how I do see things.

I loved every single minute I spent with my Ducati and I wish I can ride it more, much more miles.

Thanks old lady