Every generation complains about younger generations.
It is part of the life. Young people comes with new ideas that disturb the minds of the grumpy elder. I never wanted to become one of those “grumpy oldies”, but being a member of the generation X, I do see a lot of my contemporaries complaining about Millennials these days.

I heard that they are selfish, that they do not want to settle down, that they don´t buy cars, neither houses. How can you trust someone that does not buy a car or a house?

Furthermore Millennials do not respect hierarchy, and their main obsession is to always appear  in the picture, pursing only their own interests.

They also prefer sensations to material things, and they want to be happy above all.
But… wait a second. Why is that so disturbing for grey-headed people? Quite simple, because we have been told for generations, that money buys happiness, and at the end we ended denying that some other possibilities might exist.

Know what? Well done Millennials

We have been living in a world where the path to follow was always predefined beforehand by the consuming habits. At your 20s, you buy a car, when you are 30 years old you must buy a house. Then you dedicate the next 3 decades to grow your own kids and to commute to the work place and back,  every single day, so you can pay the mortgage to the bank. Do not forget to pay the mortgage! It is so important to pay the mortgage, because it keeps you tied and worried for the rest of your life. So you cannot be free anymore, wrong movement: checkmate.

Then, if you are lucky enough, after those 3 decades, you will retire, you will live the life you ever wanted and deserved (assuming that the several health issues and the reduced energies that you will have by the retirement age will allow you to do anything meaningful).

Later you will die in peace, surrounded by your beloved ones, exactly the same date when the last term of the mortgage expires.
For people before Millennials, If you did not embrace that crazy model you were weird. For Millennials if you embrace that model you are really weird and crazy.

Honestly I applaud them. Why to postpone everything , why not seek a job that really satisfies you, one job that allows you to work from everywhere? Why not reduce the office politics, avoid the “pretending what you are not” games and start doing things your own way?

And if you think they (Millennials) do not have their own ideas, or that they are not clever enough, re-think.

Take a look, for example to the blog of this young guy


Take a look to this post:


Chapeau! He has achieved a lot by himself, following his own crazy ideas.

World is in good hands I must say.

You grumpy elder, keep moving or leave pass!