Is she still alive? That was the first question asked.

But she was not. She was clearly dead. That was undeniable. It was so clear by simply glancing over the crime scene, that the question was offensive for the policeman who first inspected the body of the young lady, now died on the floor.

The rest of the questions: who? what? why? how? were all still floating on the air like those flies trying to suck blood from the dead body.

The police inspector could only answer one question: the how.
He was over 50, and had been serving in the police department for more than twenty years, hence he had already seen too many dead bodies.  Somebody had strangulated her from behind, using a barbed wired cable – was his verdict.

Brutal, disgusting… All that was left behind was a memory stick and a beheaded body.

Call her! – the inspector shouted in anger.

Call who? – Replied the policeman

Call her!!! Call that bastard, we need her here now!!!

Hmmm, you mean the hacker? – replied the policeman knowing that his question could irritate even more the inspector.

Yes, I mean that punk lady that knows everything about computers.

And… in the meanwhile, and this is a direct order, no one is going to insert that memory stick in any computer  -continued the police inspector.

Is it that sufficiently clear to everyone? It is strictly forbidden to touch that thing, no one, not even the fingerprint team can touch it!

Only God knows what kind of atrocity it does contains.

Let’s leave her to puzzle out what all this shit is about – mumbled the inspector.