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Month: December 2015

Welcome 2016

2016 is coming straight, and once again, is time for new year resolutions.

Is frightening how time flies, but we must keep the illusion for what is yet to come.

My list for new year resolutions is small

  1. Keep fit and practice as much sport as I can.
  2. Read one book per month.
  3. Pass a professional certification per quarter.
  4. Keep enjoying my job.
  5. Create something my own.

And that is it!

Cycling Iceland

I do normally have many ideas popping in my mind. That is my normal status, nothing to worry about. Those ideas are normally killed by my brain after a couple or days. RIP, no sadness, you were probably not good enough to live longer. This is also why I do need to write, to stick my ideas to something more durable than thoughts.

However sometimes it happens to me that one idea survives. Weeks, months, even years. Then is when I know that I do need to do something about it.

I have one idea on my mind for a lot of time now.

I do not why exactly, but I do have a desire to embrace in a cycling adventure, and that cycling adventure will be to cycle Iceland.

Why Iceland? Because the power of the nature there must be amazing.
Several years ago I went to Norway and got amazed. I swore I would come back, but now I feel like Iceland is setting between Norway and me.

Lots of preparation still needs to be done, and this is not something that is going to happen tomorrow, but I have started to roll the dices.

Lets cycle Iceland


Google Campus Madrid

Google is a company that I deeply admire. After reading the Google History,  I wrote some time ago an article about how the company started: “Cien mil dólares para cambiar el mundo

I know that Google is a company which primary goal is to make money.

I do not have a problem with that. Is it not the main reason why every single company is started for? A company is not a non-governmental organization after all, and being profitable should be between their first objectives if they just want to survive.

I truly think, however, that making money is not the only interest of Google, and that they truly believe in making the world a better place for all of us.  And you know what? In this world where almost everybody complains constantly, but only few people makes things to progress, I do thing that Google is an example to follow.

Besides that,  I do work on a regular basis from Campus Madrid, and have to say that the place is marvellous, and I am very proud of  having the possibility to work from there, for free.


Hats off to Google!

Problem contemplation

Some people, when confronted with an issue, can never pass the contemplation phase.

Almost eternally thinking how to resolve the issue presented, focusing on the causes and implications of the problem.

Analyzing an issue for days, weeks, months, years… usually just converts the original problem in a split of several others, where every single fragment of the original issue, is even bigger than the starting point.

I am not saying that analysis is not required. Divide and conquer, we have been told for years: yes. Hence, the analysis is required, but working on the actual issue is even more necessary, and it is something that these days, people tend to forget.
Most people are just theory.It seems like no one likes to get the hands dirty any more.

Therefore lots of individuals, when confronted with an issue, can never pass the contemplation phase. They spend their time, just almost eternally, thinking how to resolve it, rather than trying something to resolve it. Nobody seems to like the idea of getting their hands dirty.

So, when confronted with an issue: stop, think and define properly what are you trying to resolve, problem definition is crucial, but once clarified work step by step towards the resolution.

Do not forget to move on from the analysis phase, for the sake of the final resolution.

Just by doing that, by starting to work on the real problem as fast as you can, you will be much better than the average Joe, which remains contemplating the issue almost forever. Do no stop doing.

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