Some people, when confronted with an issue, can never pass the contemplation phase.

Almost eternally thinking how to resolve the issue presented, focusing on the causes and implications of the problem.

Analyzing an issue for days, weeks, months, years… usually just converts the original problem in a split of several others, where every single fragment of the original issue, is even bigger than the starting point.

I am not saying that analysis is not required. Divide and conquer, we have been told for years: yes. Hence, the analysis is required, but working on the actual issue is even more necessary, and it is something that these days, people tend to forget.
Most people are just theory.It seems like no one likes to get the hands dirty any more.

Therefore lots of individuals, when confronted with an issue, can never pass the contemplation phase. They spend their time, just almost eternally, thinking how to resolve it, rather than trying something to resolve it. Nobody seems to like the idea of getting their hands dirty.

So, when confronted with an issue: stop, think and define properly what are you trying to resolve, problem definition is crucial, but once clarified work step by step towards the resolution.

Do not forget to move on from the analysis phase, for the sake of the final resolution.

Just by doing that, by starting to work on the real problem as fast as you can, you will be much better than the average Joe, which remains contemplating the issue almost forever. Do no stop doing.