I do normally have many ideas popping in my mind. That is my normal status, nothing to worry about. Those ideas are normally killed by my brain after a couple or days. RIP, no sadness, you were probably not good enough to live longer. This is also why I do need to write, to stick my ideas to something more durable than thoughts.

However sometimes it happens to me that one idea survives. Weeks, months, even years. Then is when I know that I do need to do something about it.

I have one idea on my mind for a lot of time now.

I do not why exactly, but I do have a desire to embrace in a cycling adventure, and that cycling adventure will be to cycle Iceland.

Why Iceland? Because the power of the nature there must be amazing.
Several years ago I went to Norway and got amazed. I swore I would come back, but now I feel like Iceland is setting between Norway and me.

Lots of preparation still needs to be done, and this is not something that is going to happen tomorrow, but I have started to roll the dices.

Lets cycle Iceland