I am an early bird, and I prefer to do exercise in the morning.

The problem is that I also start working quite early, so that means that I had to rise very early if I want to do some exercise before starting to work.

As it is clear to me that I am so exhausted on the evening that I need to go directly home and then I would never train, I force myself to wake up very early, like 6:15, whenever I want to achieve something.

The problem (particularly in winter),  is that there is no light at that time, and that my favorite sport is cycling and it can be very dangerous to ride with no lights.

I solved the issue partially with a couple of HALO belts.

This is what I normally bring with me:

LED USB Rechargeable Reflective Safety belt


They will see you, that´s for sure.

Now I just have to find a head lamp good enough for the mountain bike.