I have a personal frustration. At the beginning, it  was small, but I have noticed recently that the pain  is increasing over the years, and not getting better.

My issue is that I am cannot draw properly,  but still I am fascinated about product design. I am doomed by my lack of ability, and each year that passes the frustration weights more and more.

So, if it is true that we reincarnate into something new in the next iteration of this bucle called life, I want to know right now what do I have to do in my remaining existence, so I will behave properly for the rest of my life in order to reincarnate myself as an industrial designer in my next existence.

I am particularly eager to reincarnate as a vehicle designer, but if that is not possible, I will settle being “just” a good product designer.

Take a look to the videos of the Royal College of Art