I am a huge fan of the concept of “Learning by doing”.

In today´s world, with all the information immediately available at the reach of your fingertips, it has become more and more important to condensate huge amounts of information in small chunks of gold or “know-how snippets”.

The bigger the information we have to process, the harder to obtain practical and useful know-how. Hence, it is more relevant than ever to be able to put all the parts together sticking with glue everything required to build something useful and practical.

I am also big fan of setting specific challenges to spark the “Learning by doing” concept.

Let´s imagine that you want to learn HTML+CSS

What a better trigger for your desire to learn that setting a challenge like “I am going to build a webpage for my cyclist club that everyone there is going to use”. None.

Briefly: doing cannot be replaced by anything, as it transfers knowledge from the romantic (but useless) world of the ideas to the (cruel but practical) real world.

Doing is the best way of learning. Let´s keep doing, doing and doing…