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Prototyping software

A review of the existing software for prototyping apps.

Nice article

Cyphering the email with PGP

Cyphering the email is easy. You just need  to use the combo: Thunderbird + plugin enigmail + GnuPG.

It is pretty well covered here.

How to configure the network in CentOs

Just as a side note, these are the steps to re-configure the network in CentOS:

1) Identify the interface that you want to modify with “# ip a”

2) Once the interface has been identified, edit the corresponding file @ /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts

3) Modify the file as required.

The most common fields are:


4) Restart the network service

# service network restart

How to know the settings of a database in Azure (ClearDB)

Select the resource group where the database that you want to connect to belongs.

From there, select the MYSQL database, and then,  in the upper site you can see Delete /  Settings / Manage Database

Click on the Manage Database. That will redirect you to the ClearDB site.

Click on the and you will see there the required settings for the connection in the form of:

Cluster Gateway Information


How to customize the sintax in Sublime

This is explanation of how to create a new sintax highlight in Sublime

Here it goes…


In Azure, how can we obtain the connection chain of ftp?

This is a two step process.

First you need to ensure that, from the properties of the App Service, you click on Deployment Credentials and introduce a username and password there.

After that, on the Overview of the App service –> More –> Get publish profile


The top tech cities report

This is quite an interesting report of cities that excel as a tech cities. Forty cities were measured against a framework that takes into consideration different aspects of how the city promotes, uses and handle the relationship with the technology.

This is the result:

Quite surprised to see Barcelona scoring so high.

Madrid is not listed, but it was not considered between the 40 initial cities.

Get your hands dirty

You cannot learn anything worthwhile, if  you do not get your hands dirty.

The theoretical knowledge fails normally as soon as you try to apply it on the real world, so the best thing for learning something new is to start practising as soon as possible. Talking is cheap, doing is not.

That attitude: to try, to test, to push the limits, is the right one.
I will be sharing here whatever satisfies my own interests, with no order in particular.

Because by teaching we learn.

“Docendo discimus”

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